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My name is Katy, a 23 year old graduate with no clue what my life's doing. My blog is a hot mess of Disney, Doctor Who [NINE], Fairy Tales, and sometimes anime. Never know what will show

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Role Play Cravings 

I love to roleplay! Or collaborative write, whatever you wish to call it. I also like doing it on google docs! It’s a great way to just write. So let me know through an ask if you’re interested in any of these pairs :3
This is not an exclusive list all bolded is the half I wish to do, if no bold, it doesn’t matter which I play

Please, please, please, if you’re going to ask to rp this with me, be in character. I can’t stand when people play someone completely ooc. 

italics means Im currently in one like this
strike means Im over it, but I might do it
* means I have a plot
❥ indicates craving, the more the hearts, the more I want it

Harry Potter

Maurader era

Lily Evans // James*


Hermione // Fred/George
Ginny // Draco
Luna // Draco
❥ Hermione // Draco*

Future Gen

❥❥❥❥❥ Lily Luna Potter // Scorpius Malfoy *

DC Universe
Poison Ivy // Harley Quinn *

Modern- most of these have plots

The little Mermaid- Ariel
Tangled- Rapunzel*
Beauty and the Beast- The Beast **

persacom // human 

Professor Layton
Emmy // Layton
Flora // Future Luke

Legend of Zelda
-all of these are usually Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or Skyward Sword, if you have a good plot for any other I’ll consider it- 

Zelda // Link
Minda // Link
Zelda // Minda
Navi // Zelda *

Plotless&Pairless Fandoms
Fandoms that I’m interested in, but I have no plot or any idea for pairings. 
Portal 2
Bioshock 1&2
more to come I’m sure

These are original pairings. :3 
Steampunk // Fantasy// whatever
female pirate captain// first mate
female captive // dashing thief 
female thief // charming police officer 
female officer // dashing thief 
female elf dancer // sullen elf outcast
visiting royalty // abrasive awkward home prince
supernatural insane asylum patient // doctor 
supernatural insane asylum patient // fellow patient
protege // phantom of the opera-esque character

Song based
-these all have a plot and can (for the most part) be mixed with other pairings

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine
Imaginary- Evanescence
The Lighthouse’s Tale- Nickel Creek
The River - Nickel Creek
Awake my soul- Mumford and Sons
Little Lion Man- mumford and sons
Dancing through Life—WICKED (not a wicked RP, just the song)

This is not an exclusive list :3 
OH! And if you know what Bordertown is and would like to play around with that with me, I would probably marry you. Just saying.